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Ooooh, a resume.

My life as a performer spans years of work on-stage, on-screen, and on-mic. 

Now, I don't like to brag too much about my time spent as a member of mime company in 8th grade - THE exclusive, elite clique that dominated the Clara Driscoll Middle School drama department. I'll just tell you that it was so impressive that I only have a single photo to prove I was ever a part of the team.

*What happens in mime company stays in mime company*

Instead, here's a few highlights to give you a taste of some of the incredibly cool, creative stuff I've had the privilege to work on.




She is Me   |   Pajaro Rojo Productions   |   Supporting

Prodigals   |   AJH Films   |  Amanda's Mom

The Tiny Life of Butcher Duke   |   One Chameleon Entertainment   |  June Cooper

The Cable Men   |   McShane Films   |  Cindy

Texas Sweat   |   Little Productions   |  Ella

New Media

Supporting Roles   |   Luolluie Productions   |  Brandi

Todd Bless You   |   New Sky Pictures   |   Whoomps

Gay Cake   |   |   Featured

Now Let's Do a Silly One   |   |  Pioneer Wife


Fueld Films   |   Ben Hurst + Dave Thomas   |   Voice


Harter Music   |   Josh Harter   |   Voice

Arts+Labor   |   Bradley Parrett   |   Lead​

GSD&M   |   Taylor Washington   |   Lead

Arts+Labor   |   Lead

P2P Media   |   Lead + Voice

Fueld Films   |   Ben Hurst + Dave Thomas  |   Lead​

Door Number 3   |   Tamara Bick + Drew Antzis   |   Lead

Liberal Media Films   |   Jeremy Bartel   |   Lead

Alamo Bowl - SA Challenge   |   TK Jones   |   Lead


Owlegories   |   PureFlix   |   Gail the Snail (voice)

Hot Wheels   |   Mattel   |   5-Alarm (voice)


Hard West 2   |   Ice Code Games   |   Flynn


Cosmonious High   |   Owlchemy Labs   |   Li Tahn

Path of the Warrior  |   Twisted Pixel Games   |   Varied

Angry Birds Untitled Project   |   Rovio Entertainment   |   Willow


Cabaret   |   Mousie   |   Sheldon Vexler Theatre

A Streetcar Named Desire   |   Blanche   |   Sheldon Vexler Theatre

Pinkalicious   |   Allison, Butterfly   |   Magik Theatre

Bad Jews   |   Melody   |   Sheldon Vexler Theatre

A Year with Frog and Toad   |   Bird, Mother Frog, Turtle   |   Magik Theatre

Boeing Boeing   |   Gloria   |   Sheldon Vexler Theatre

Trojan Women   |   Cassandra   |   Sheldon Vexler Theatre

Little Shop of Horrors   |   Audrey   |   Sheldon Vexler Theatre

Burn This   |   Anna   |   Proxy Theatre

The Last Night of Ballyhoo   |   Sunny   |   Sheldon Vexler Theatre

The Dinosaur Musical   |   Mrs. Gapp   |   Magik Theatre

Charlotte’s Web   |   Fern   |   Magik Theatre

If You Give a Pig a Party   |   Pig   |   Magik Theatre

Pecos Bill   |   Widowmaker   |   Magik Theatre


How I Became a Pirate   |   Jacque LeToe   |   Magik Theatre


Pinkalicious   |   Allison   |   Magik Theatre


True Story of the 3 Little Pigs   |   Editor, Heidi   |   Magik Theatre


A View From the Bridge   |   Catherine   |   Sheldon Vexler Theatre


Willy Wonka   |   Violet Beauregard   |   Magik Theatre


Best Christmas Pageant Ever   |   Beth   |   Magik Theatre


Miss Nelson is Missing   |   Cheryl   |   Magik Theatre


Phantom of the Alamo   |   Billie Ray   |   Magik Theatre


Roxaboxen   |   Marian   |   Magik Theatre


If You Give a Mouse a Cookie   |   The Kid   |   Magik Theatre


The Nutcracker: A Holiday Comedy   |   Fritz, Mouse King   |   Magik Theatre


Seussical the Musical   |   The Mayor, Bird Girl   |   Magik Theatre


Alice, a Rock Opera   |   March Hare   |   Magik Theatre


Johnny Guitar   |   Emma   |   Magik Theatre 


Showdown at Luke Casey   |   Townsperson   |   Magik Theatre


La Cinderella   |   Ella   |   Magik Theatre


Treasure Island   |   Jim Hawkins   |   Magik Theatre 


Murder at the North Pole   |   Twinkle   |   Murdery Mystery Players


Twelfth Night   |   Viola   |   SA Shakespeare in the Park


Murder, Fugget About It   |   Soozy Death   |   Murdery Mystery Players


Romeo and Juliet   |   Juliet   |   SA Shakes in the Park


As You Like It   |   Celia   |   SA Shakespeare in the Park


The Tempest   |   Miranda   |   SA Shakespeare in the Park


Ding Dong Death Calling   |   Lavender   |   Murdery Mystery Players

**yay! you made it this far! ...head up, this is only a sampling...thank you for reading this list to this point.

Training & Workshops

Training & Workshops

A Working Group   |   Austin, TX   |   Richard Robichaux, Toni Brock, Sally Allen

ColdTowne Theatre   |   Improv   |   Michael Jastroch, Katie Moore

Acting   |   Austin, TX   |   Nick Stevenson, Paula Russell, Tom Booker

Voice Over: Commercials   |   Varied   |   Krizia Bajos, Scott Holst, Lainie Frasier,

                                                   Bettye Zoller, Debi Derryberry,

                          Kelly Moscinski

Voice Over: Animation   |   Varied   |   Sara Sherman, Keith Alcorn, Lainie Frasier,

                                       Debi Derryberry, Kristin Paiva

Voice Over: Video Games   |   Varied   |   Ben Pronsky, Kevin McMullen,

                                                                       Chris Faella, JB Blanc, Krizia Bajos,

                                  Scott Holst

Voice Over: Anime   |   Varied   |   Stephanie Sheh, Mami Okada

Voice Over: Industrial   |   Varied   |   Rob Grable, Lance Kestler

Motion Capture   |   Noshir Balal

Shakespeare Theatre of NJ   |   Apprentice Company   |   Benard Cummings, 

                                                                                   Stephen Davis, 

                                                                             Brian Crowe

Special Skills

Special Skills

Sounds   |    Singing (Mezzo Soprano)

                     Voice Overs (check out my demos!)

                     Dialects: British, Southern, German, French

                     Violin, Ukulele dabbler

Sights     |     Basic Aerial Dance: Silks & Hoop

                      Competitive Swimmer: All Strokes

                      Very Expressive Face (is this a blessing or curse?)

Silly         |     Mother of Pugs: Betty Boop, Winnifred Clementine, Pepper Petunia


Serious   |     10+ years working in the medical field. ....I'm not an actual doctor, but one day I 

                      would LOVE to voice one 😉

Reading about the work I've done isn't half as fun as seeing it on screen. Pop over to my Reels page to watch a little!

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