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Characters in my Head.

Five of the happiest years of my life were spent working as a full time reparatory company member at the Magik Theatre in San Antonio, Texas. Shows all morning, rehearsals all afternoon. Imagination and creativity and laughter and antics and improv and so much color and a found family of free-hearted fools. 

HW2 Flynn_edited.png


"Hard West 2" Ice Code Games

I was a social butterfly, an old-west villainess, a dainty bird, a mute horse, a flighty pig, the Mayor of Whoville, a sassy bird, a murderous makeup sales girl, a 50's newspaper editor,  a sunbathing turtle, a really cheery bird, a princess, a grade school mean girl, a bratty younger brother.... did I mention I played a bird one or twice....?

In my spare time outside of Magik I did more theatre. Classical Theatre. Musical Theatre. Dinner Theatre. Repeat. (you can see a more specific list here)

Play is my creative language. 

I took all of that intense play and translated it onto film as a performer and producer, but the place that it has served me the best is on mic as a voiceover artist. The freedom to play within our dark, quiet booths is endless. It's like going back to my beginnings as a middle schooler in a small blackbox - it can be anything I want it to be.

Multiple times everyday I reset for the top of the show and get ready to play.

GAIL the snail_edited.png

Gail the Snail

"Owlegories" PureFlix


Li Tahn

"Cosmonious High" Owlchemy Labs

What I Bring to the Table.
  • Bright, high energy characters with big feelings 

  • Characters with emotional unrest and unpredictable turns

I love an opportunity to work with a creative team and dig into the character's world - their arcs and intentions that help evolve an exceptional script into something alive, rich, and real. 

I love bringing heart to my characters. I love finding my character's laugh. I love finding the boundaries of my character's world, then figuring out how to live on the edges of that. 

....and then I love playing robots and AI. Not sure why.... I just know that I love it deeply. ♥️

Six Flags Fiesta Texas: Dr. Diabolical's Cliffhanger premiere

I'm excited to work with you on your next project and create something really special. Whether you'd prefer to work remotely or you want to create together in a studio, I'm your girl. See you at the mic! 🎙​

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