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Bonjour. Bienvenue. Welcommmee.

Hi hello! Welcome to my official *and very important* website. I'm Brandi Hollsten - a voice actor and mother to three of the best pugs in the whole world.

You'll find plenty of little nuggets of fun throughout the website, so don't hesitate to pop around from page to page for more media, anecdotes, and an easter egg or two.


Feel free to scroll and click the sections that interest you the most if you're a "highlight" kinda guy/gal... or read the whole thing if you're a glutton for info.


Either way! Enjoy taking it in and thank you for being here. 

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Looking for some behind the scenes action? My Gallery page has all sorts of gems covering my time on camera, on stage, traversing the beginnings of my career, and a few of the nutty moments in-between.

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