Vacations and Philosophy and Art

The days are going by so quickly right now that I'm regularly having issues trying to remember what day of the week it is and DEFINITELY what month we're in. If you had asked me last week what day it was I think I would have said February. ....Which is the wrong answer for so many reasons.

When I realized that we were almost to May I practically stopped breathing for a minute. Maybe it's a good thing because it means that I've been working really hard and life has been moving along at a nice clip, but that's also very sad to me.

What have I done this year that's a solid life memory? It's all work. Every bit of it.

Then I started to think about the last REAL vacation that I took. When is the last time I took more than a few hours for myself? When was the last time I got excited about heading somewhere on an adventure? It's been too long. ....As soon as the money comes in from some of my work this year I'll be looking to remedy that.

One of the big reasons I've been thinking about this lately is because I feel like I've lost a bit of myself in these past few weeks. The surge of energy that I had to start beating down doors and confronting celebrities has taken a short hiatus- and meanwhile I've started to get confused about who I am and what I have to offer to this world again. My life has become entirely about work and not much about living my life.

My friend Dylan and I got together for a drink last week- we only get to do this every 2-3 months because she and I are both so busy all of the time. But everytime Dylan and I get together my whole world goes spinning around and around. We talked for 4 and a half hours straight about nothing but philosophy and life's questions and where we fall into all of it. It was this incredible evening of finding my voice again and understanding what I need to do for my next life steps.

This was really exciting for me because I'm headed to Dallas this weekend to finally film my webseries with Sarah Adams. Things have come together in the most lovely way and I'm so unbelievably ready to get on set and play and laugh and make art.

Today- work.

Tomorrow- vacation. (well....figuratively "tomorrow")

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