Wait...you did WHAT??

After two of the most stressful and eventful weeks of my life I drove home from Austin yesterday and sang lots of music at the very top of my lungs, drumming wildly on my steering wheel.

....cause after all- The Book of Mormon soundtrack doesn't drum to itself.

Also because I had so much crazy energy ping-ponging around my body that I just didn't know what to do with myself. I was having a "feeling-every-feeling" kind of moment. All of the crazy came out in a 30 minute sob fest combined with my singing/drumming driving adventure.

The crazy all started a few weeks ago when I sat down and looked at my life. I wasn't booking a ton of work and had all around hit a plateau. In a fit of madness I decided that 2015 was my year- I have absolutely nothing to lose. So I sent an email to a director I had worked with last year. Then I sent another email to another director. Then another one. Basically, I reached out to every professional connection that I've ever made. I sent them scripts, asked for advice and references, and asked them all if they had any interest in doing some pro-bono work.

Two weeks later, one of the directors called me and asked me to send in a taped audition for a series of commercials they were trying to shoot in Chicago. Booked it.

Then another director got back in touch and said that one of the scripts I had written was the exact kind of project he was looking to work on. We're scheduled to film in April.

This same director has been reaching out to everyone he knows trying to pull together a crew- who will work for 100% nothing. And they've been gathered. And they're all incredibly talented and established.

After the streak of good news, my heart has been flying high and making be believe that I can conquer anything. So I went to see Laura Dern speak yesterday at SXSW. And I asked her to be in one of my movies. And I gave her my business card. (If you're reading this Laura Dern, I'm very serious about the offer. Don't hesitate to call!)

As if that kind of gamble wasn't enough for my little heart, I figured it was a great time to go by Elijah Wood's house and hand him the script we've been trying to recruit him for.... I was all ready with my business card and materials in hand- prepared to tell the maid or personal assistant who answered the door that I was SUPPOSED to be there and that it was very important that they hand my materials on to Elijah.

He answered the door.

I stopped existing for about 10 seconds solely because I hadn't planned for the possibility that he would answer the door. I managed to pull together my most professional self and play it cool- "No, Elijah...I TOTALLY expected you to be here." And gave him the stuff I brought with and asked him to give me a call.

No big deal. Just another day in the life of me.

I can't say I'm not putting myself out there or opening my heart to the world this year. 2015 is my year. I think mainly because I'm willing to gamble on myself and reach for the moon.

....or I guess stars in this case.

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